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SD - Shrink Fit Holders

Proper cooling is the key to preventing over heating of the tool holders and long life of the H13 tool steel.  EZ Cool units use your shop coolant to returns the holder to a save to handle temperature in 30 seconds.  EZ Shrink Machine is a 3kw, 30 second unit that functions with 1/8-3/4 (3mm-20mm) cutter shanks (carbide only).  
Pre-programmed and user adjustable EZ Shrink is simple and effective.


3kw, 1/8-3/4 Capacity, 220V, 20A Single Phase
User adjustable settings.


· EZ Shrink Machine

· (2) Bases

· (1) Cutting Tool Tray

· (1) Pair of Gloves


Pioneer Shrink Holders

  • Ultimate Precision: 0.0001” TIR Guaranteed @ Bore
  • Long Lasting: Manufactured from ISO-40CrMoV5 Material, Heat Treated for Optimum Elasticity and Tool Life
  • Powerful: Toleranced and Ground for 10,000 lbs of pull out force
  • Performance Milling: Designed for Performance Milling with Neutral flute geometry, not designed for hi-helix applications

Highest Quality - Designed to Last
PIONEER Shrink Fit is manufactured from ISO-40CrMoV5 Tool Steel, Double Tempered at 1050ºF to withstand up to 10,000 tool changes.

All holders are 100% inspected on Air/Electronic gaging and the ID is ground for a maximum of 3 microns (0.0001”) Runout (TIR) in the Bore.

Dynamically Balanced
PIONEER Tapered Shrink Fit Holders are Dynamically Balanced for G2.5 @ 25,000 RPM’s or >1gmm


2 Station, 110V, 16A


· EZ Cooling Machine

· (1) Hose Kit

· (1) Cooling Adapter


Jet-Blast Options to fit YOUR Application
We at Pioneer have invested in an EDM Drilling machine which allow us to customize Jet-Blast  coolant  holes to your application.

It comes down to coolant volume.

Every Jet-Blast Holder or collet comes with 2 ports standard. Depending on style and type we have the ability of adding as many holes as your coolant volume can support without losing pressure.  
The goal is to create a reducing effect to the volume of coolant to maintain or increase pressure.  This allows for increased chip evacuation and free cutting.

Any standard Shrink can be modified from stock.  Adding a “J” to the end of the part number will provide you with 2 coolant ports.  
Need additional ports? Add “J 4-Port” to the part number for additional ports (additional fees will apply).  
Contact our customer service department for details and pricing.
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