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BC - Mill Chuck

All BC Mill Chucks Feature:
  • 5 µm - 0.0002” Runout @ 2” out
  • Taper to Face Contact Design for Improve Vibration Dampening
  • Designed for Tool Shanks w/ ISO h6 Class Tolerance
  • Sealed by Design for High Pressure Coolant
  • Dynamically Balanced G6.3 @ 20,000 RPM except CAT50 Balanced to G6.3 @ 15,000 RPM’s

How to Operate a Non-Pull Out BC Mill Chuck

Available Shanks:

Optional (Order Separately):
  • Non-Pull Out Feature
  • Jet-Blast Coolant Ports, for coolant around solid cutters
  • Wrench
  • Coolant Thru w/ Nylon Screw Seal for short tool shanks
  • DIN-B Flange Coolant 
  • Finer Balance (Sample cutter required for balance compensation)

Sealed Standard - Shown with Jet-Blast (6) Ports Above