VX06 Premium Performance
SX25M Mini
1” Tooling Capacity with 1.97” Clearance

Designed to fit existing ER32 applications and provide superior TIR, Driving Torque and Tooling Capacity of 1”.  

The Stub projection model provides superior rigidity is some of the most demanding applications.

  • Nut Diameter of 1.97”, 50mm, same as ER32 for optimal clearance
  • 1” Capacity (ER32 is 3/4”) for extended range
  • 1.75” Stub Designed for Maximum Rigidity
  • Optional Bearing Nut for High Radial Torque, 225 ft/lbs on
    1” Carbide Shanks,
    30% Higher than ER40
  • 0.0002” TIR at 4” from the Collet Face (1” Tooling)
  • 8° Collet, 4X Better TIR than ER, 10X Better Repeatability
  • Interchangeable with existing SX25 Collets & Wrench's
  • Lengths Available
    • CAT40 1.75, 3.54, 4.72, 5.91
    • CAT50 4.13, 5.31
SX Mini shown in our New Catalog:

Ported for Around Tool Coolant

Modify any of our End Mill, Shell Mill 
or Shrink Fit holders with Jet-Blast!  

Not only do we carry more standard projections than anyone else in the industry but now you can order any of our holders with Jet-Blast.  We have invested in the equipment to install coolant ports in any of our stock catalog holders.
  • Any End Mill Holder up to 10" Projections
  • Any Shell Mill Holder to FX Ported up to 8" Projection
  • Any Shrink Holder up to 10" Projections
  • 1-3 day alteration time for items not in inventory, many same day!
  • Expedited Service Available

New Catalog can be found here: